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Ariel Beesley - Interview and New Single, “So Baby”

Photo by: Richie Davis Ariel Beesley is an American singer, songwriter, poet, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Ariel has been busy writing and recording new music and in September she started a nonprofit organization called U Start Here which is geared towards helping survivors of sexual assault and abuse, something she cares deeply about. Her synth-pop new wave sound is heavily influenced by her predecessors and this rising star is paving her way. Her sound is recognizable yet distinct and her lyrics are especially relatable which is extremely important for her.  David Harris for Sound Rebel Magazine caught up with Ariel over Zoom to discuss her new single, “So Baby”, her influences, and why she undresses on stage.  Sound Rebel Magazine: Hi Ariel, I appreciate you are setting up some time to discuss your new single. I was recalling how I first came across you and your music and I want to say it was through photographers, Richie Lee Davis and Brad Elterman. I don't

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