The Struts and Special Guest Mac Saturn Rock the Stage at The Bluestone in Columbus, OH

The Struts Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris

The Struts Rock the stage at The Bluestone with their Electric Energy and Charismatic Performance with Mac Saturn warming up the crowd with rock and roll that was good for the soul.

The Struts took the stage by storm, turning the venue into a whirlwind of energy and rock 'n' roll magic. From the moment they burst onto the stage, it was evident that this British rock band was ready to deliver an unforgettable performance. With their signature glam rock style and larger-than-life presence, The Struts commanded the attention of every single person in the audience.

The Struts - Photo by David Harris

Kicking off the show with an explosive opener, Dirty Sexy Money, the band immediately set the tone for the night. The crowd erupted in cheers as lead vocalist Luke Spiller emerged in his dazzling outfit, captivating everyone with his incredible vocal range and charismatic stage presence. It was evident that Spiller was born to be a frontman, effortlessly engaging the audience and creating an electric connection that lasted throughout the entire set.

The band's musicianship was top-notch, highlighting their tight-knit chemistry and undeniable talent. Guitarist Adam Slack delivered blistering riffs and face-melting solos, while bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies provided a solid foundation for the band's energetic sound. The Struts' synergy was palpable, as they seamlessly transitioned from one song to another, never missing a beat.

Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris

The setlist was a carefully crafted mix of fan favorites and infectious new tracks. Hits like "Kiss This" and “Body Talks”, had the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs, while their newest song like “Too Good At RaisingHell” showcased the band's evolution and growth. Each song was delivered with an intensity and passion that left no doubt about The Struts' commitment to their craft.

But it was not just the music that made this concert an exceptional experience. The Struts' stage production was a feast for the eyes, with dazzling lights, smoke effects, and a grand backdrop that added a touch of theatricality to the performance. Spiller's rock n’ roll style and extravagant dance moves further elevated the show, creating a sense of spectacle that was impossible to ignore.

Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris

Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris
However, what truly set The Struts apart was their interaction with the audience. Spiller effortlessly connected with fans, making everyone in the venue feel like they were a part of something extraordinary. He ventured towards the crowd, shook hands, and even borrowed the sunglasses of an enthusiastic fan, creating moments of pure rock 'n' roll euphoria. The energy in the venue was contagious, as fans danced, sang, and celebrated the music alongside the band.

As the concert ended, The Struts left the stage to thunderous applause and cheers for an encore. Returning with an explosive finale, playing their fan favorite and hit song, “Could Have Been Me”, they left no doubt that they had given their all. The crowd, electrified by the band's performance, begged for more.

In the end, The Struts' concert was a night of pure rock 'n' roll bliss. With their incredible showmanship, infectious energy, and undeniable talent, they proved why they are one of the most exciting bands in the industry today. Their ability to create an unforgettable experience, both musically and visually, is a testament to their dedication and passion. If you ever have the chance to see The Struts live, don't hesitate. It's a concert experience you won't want to miss.

Mac Saturn opened the show with their edgy electric style and music to match. The band sounded great and put on an unbelievable rock n’ roll show. Mac Saturn brings one back to another era of rock and roll with style that resembles The Rolling Stones. Detroit Rock City’s Mac Saturn played hit song “Mr. Cadillac”, “Diamonds” while ending the show with mesmerizing performance of “Plain Clothes Gentleman.”

Carson Macc - Photo by David Harris

Mac Saturn is a band to watch and if you have chance check these boys out as you won’t be disappointed. 

Carson Macc - Photo by David Harris

Carson  Macc - Photo by David Harris

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Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris

Luke Spiller - Photo by David Harris


Mac Saturn


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Mac Saturn - Photo by David Harris

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