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Interview: A conversation with KOPPS [Patricia Patrón]

KOPPS, a Rochester-bred band made of electronic alternative rock pop featuring members Patricia Patrón (vocals), Travis Johansen (guitar), Kyle O’Hara (bass) who are produced by Joywaves own, Daniel Armbruster. KOPPS are known well for their sexy yet humorous persona that they bring through a number of Eps, singles and visually stimulating music videos over the last few years. With the release of their newest single “Oh Dang Dang” anchored by Patricia Patròn’s sultry vocals, brings this pop sensibility yet completely twists and wrings it out with this mix of electronic pop hybrid, they have completely outdone themselves.

(Picture Credit to: Mallory Turner)

I had the pleasure of interviewing the band’s leading lady Patricia Patrón ahead of the release of their new single where we talked about their creative process, how they are one of the luckiest bands in the world, their upcoming shows and what they have left in store for 2019 and moving into 2020.

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