Sound Rebel Magazine Interview with BadMoodRude - By Isabella Futcher

BadMoodRude is a dreamy, honest songwriter that everyone needs to be listening to. The New York-based artist began her musical journey only a year ago but has quickly developed a passionate, diehard fanbase after releasing a number of honest, quirky singles that range in style from droning emo trap to light-hearted synth-pop.

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Rude was exposed to a number of genres throughout her childhood (from LimpBizkit to AmyWinehouse ) thanks to parents who were highly supportive of the city's local melting pot of a music scene. She began her music career in marketing for a local concert promoter but doubled down on her own talent when her late grandmother encouraged her to continue finding her voice and become famous. Following her untimely passing, Rude began to develop into singer/songwriter you see today with offerings like “Bigger”, “U Must H8 Me” and “If I Make You Sad”. 

Isabella had the opportunity to sit down with BadMoodRude to talk about her new single, collaborations, the new decade and everything in-between.  
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Thank you for speaking with Sound Rebel ahead of the release of your newest single “Love Me” with rapper Lil Xan. How are you feeling with your first single release of the decade?

I’m super excited! This is going to be an awesome decade and I think this song sets the tone for a great year. 

How and why did you decide to have Lil Xan on this track? Did you guys meet and write before this or was it after the song had structure?

I actually had the song done and wanted to do it with someone I thought would add a different perspective to it- instantly Xan’s song “Betrayed” came to mind. My manager reached to Xanarchy and here we are! 

Growing in Rochester New York. How do you feel the music scene there has influenced the way you write and produce your music?

Rochester is great because it’s such a melting pot of all different kinds of art and music. Growing up here made me feel like I didn’t have to be put in a box. 

Rochester had places like Record Archive, House of Guitars, Penny Arcade and Waterstreet Music Hall while I was growing up so there were always things to do involving the arts. 

How important is the aesthetic to you when creating cover art for each single, music video ideas etc. Do you create your music with something already in mind or was it developed on later?  

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Actually, cover art is the last thing I do when making a song, for me I have a bunch of beats I love and one liners and I listen to the beats until I feel the beats and lyrics just come together naturally. Then I’ll get artwork done or make it myself while listening to the song afterwards. 

So many may know you also from TikTok as you have received a large following on the app.  Do you feel like you are able to be more yourself on this app compared to that on Instagram or is it just another way for you to connect with your fans & followers?

I love all platforms! Following me on Spotify is a great way to keep up with my music, Instagram is the easiest way for me to talk to my followers individually but on TikTok I feel like I can more so talk about anything.

What is something you really want to tackle or gain in your career and also in your personal self this decade?

I’d really love to do more collabs with other artists I’ve looked up to, I want to continue growing myself as an artist and keep making music that helps both myself and others.

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