Single Review: Jena Rose's "Mad Man"


Currently on tour opening for Aly & AJ, Jena Rose is giving 2019 everything she has to offer. Releasing her first single (of 2019) “Manners” back in March, Jena Rose is set to release her next smash single “Mad Man” on the 21st of June.

Mad Man” continues to showcase Jena’s prodigious vocal range. The song follows her usual route and contains a pop-based beat that catches you right in from the first melody she expels into your ears that continues all the way into the chorus following a more techno-styled mix with her alluring falsetto vocals that raps the single all into one. The lyrics themselves fit so perfectly with the track but still have that slight edge, one thing Rose has done explicitly well is the feeling of truth behind her words, a sense of relatability that some artists struggle to do in their craft.

As stated earlier, Rose’s vocal abilities are displayed proudly on this track and any listener will immediately be drawn into the complexity of her range mixed in with her outstanding lyrical content and creative beats. At just 18 years old, Jena Rose is a rising star in the music world and is the one to watch as she grows and matures into adulthood. 

Make sure to check out Jena Rose on tour with Aly & AJ links to tickets and shows below

Photos by Dana Trippe

Find Jena Rose on:

Sun, JUN 23 – ALY & AJ – Sanctuary Tour (with Armors & Jena Rose) – Anaheim, CA
Tue JUN 25 - ALY & AJ – Sanctuary Tour (with Armors & Jena Rose) – San Diego, CA
Wed, JUN 26 - ALY & AJ – Sanctuary Tour (with Armors & Jena Rose) – Los Angeles, CA
Thu, JUN 27 - ALY & AJ – Sanctuary Tour (with Armors & Jena Rose) – Los Angeles, CA - ticket links on website


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