Review: Sage Charmaine release’s her debut EP Don’t Leave Me (it's one you can’t miss).

     At just the young age of 16, Sage Charmaine has been an artist to watch. With her dark urban pop debut EP “Don’t Leave Me” produced and written with and alongside superstars Rocky Lynch (R5), PJ Bianco, Interscope Artist and Alexander 23 shows that she truly has some of the best working with her throughout this EP. Single’s already released including “June”, “Bitter Chocolate ft. Cupcakke” and “Cherries” have already proven the ultimate songstress Sage is setting herself up to be and how within this release it has already become a game changer in her career.

     Bringing you into this EP, is “Ashes” a collaboration with Rocky Lynch of the Driver Era. Soft soulful vocals backed by an incredible instrumental pushes this song to new heights – an excellent way to start of this EP. It is beautifully poetic about reflecting on a relationship that isn’t fully working but how it is not so easy to walk away. It connects with the listener and you can feel the raw emotion behind they lyrics and is very relatable to many in this life as everyone has a story like this, and those who have will truly connect with this song.

     It than flows effortlessly to the song “Happy Birthday” which is a more angsty and darker picture of a romance gone wrong. This song is very clearly driven from anger many would have in a situation of their partner being unfaithful with an item that is so accessible (your phone). It goes in depth about things most of us would do in this case with lines such as “I forgot your birthday card, so I knocked the windows out your car” and “what were you expecting, a happy f***ing ending” really letting all the anger out one would feel.

“Around” and “Hurt a Little Less” follow up and are both incredible pieces of music. “Around” pushes that air that she is very confident in her abilities to move forward and beyond those who will try to hold her back. While “Hurt a Little Less” captures Sage’s incredible vocal range in such a magical melody. It is the song you would blast full blown on a summer evening with your friends, screaming at the top of your lungs. The absolute essence of her talent lays with this song as to be able to create such heartbreaking lyrics but pairing it with such an upbeat dance song is unmatched and is one of my favourites of this debut EP.

“Look Up 2 Me” and “don’t bother me” tie the entire EP together. “Look Up 2 Me” has both dark and delicate vibes. Its sexy and sultry syncopated beat, with its airy vocals will have listeners immediately attracted. It is one of Sage’s more mature tone songs on this EP. While “don’t bother me” has a similar feel to “around” with the self-assurance in herself and the indifference to those who are against her. However, “don’t bother me” ties in tremendously with her last track that closes the EP “don’t leave me” it is kind of like the end of a chapter, the final thoughts of the EP, it gives real closure to the whole body of work that is influenced by love.

Sage Charmaine is a fresh new voice to the music world and is defiantly one that everyone needs to keep an eye out for as she grows and releases more of her enchanting music. She is one that Is going to take the music world by storm.

Review by: Isabella Futcher
Photo by: Katy Pritchett

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