Review & Photos: The Mowgli's new EP "American Feelings"

Alternative rock band The Mowgli’s return with their new EP “American Feelings.” The EP consists of songs like “Norman Rockwell” and “Hard to Love” that revolve around lived experiences in life and love. The LA-based group’s lyrics are open and honest: “And I get the feeling that it's not enough / And I'm afraid you'll find a better love.” Previous albums from the Mowgli’s have brought us songs about love and unity—their new EP takes this one step further: love and unity centered in real life experiences and struggles. “Mr. Telephone,” addresses our relationship with technology, while “Talk About It” presents the ever-growing need for communication in our society, especially in difficult times. Overall, the Mowgli’s rhythmic, hypnotic melodies accent their positive, down-to-earth message—something that contributes to their growing popularity and fanbase. 

Review & Photos by Audrey Battis

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