Interview: Violet Days talks new single “Afterparty”, behind the lyrics and all about their first ever US tour!

../Downloads/Violet%20Days%20%20-%20005.jpgViolet Days brings their unique Swedish spin to the alternative pop scene. This is especially dominating in their new single “Afterparty” with a spin on pop with a strong bass, elements of electronic music but paired with heavy truthful lyrics, it gives a breath of fresh air to the scene.  Afterparty is an intimate hazy record that makes you recall those memories of coming home and the most grim-post situation party situation that most know too well.

“Afterparty” is a powerhouse single for Violet Days first drop of 2019, with a track that you would want throw on at your own party but compiled with its heavy, truthful lyrics that most teenagers growing up in this time can relate to. This new song captures the magic that Violet Days brings in their music, they are proving themselves musically, lyrically and emotionally with every new song that is released. The ones to truly watch this year.

I had the privilege of having a chat with Violet Days, to talk all about her new single, her first ever US tour this year and so much more!

Sound Rebel Magazine: Thank you so much for taking time out of your hectic schedule to have a chat with us about your newest single “Afterparty”, how have you been?

Violet Days: Of course, I’ve been great, truly having the best time on tour! :)

SR: What was the inspiration behind “Afterparty”? How did this song all come together? 

VD: I wanted to write about the feeling of loneliness in different situations, and the contrasts of having a lot of people around you one second and the next you’re alone. It’s a discussion with myself trying to find balance and happiness through different feelings.

SR: I absolutely love the new single. One lyric that stuck out and connected with me was “When the music stops and it's just my thoughts keeping me awake”. Have you found any ways to relax and to unwind, especially after a stressful time or a big show where your thoughts keep you awake?

VD: Thank you! Oh, yes, I’m trying to drink more tea honestly because that calms me down. Also, I’m trying to look less at my phone and be more present, I think that helps a lot. 

SR: This song has some very powerful lyrics in it and I feel may will be able to connect with them in their own way, is that something you always strive for when putting your music out to the world? 

VD: Absolutely! I love when we can connect over music and lyrics. I love honest lyrics and what I write about is always something that I have lived through. It makes me very happy to hear that people can relate to it and feel something when they listen to our music.  

SR: In this song, you are sharing quite personal feelings and emotions that most people face in mundane life and to throw it out to the public can be a scary thing. Has that ever been difficult for you to do?

VD: Somehow writing a song about these things is the best way to open up. I think it’s so important to talk about mental health in normal daily life and it’s nice to be able to also talk about it in songs. It’s not scary to me anymore. We all have bad/sad days here and there and it’s ok to talk about it. 

SR: Do you have any ideas about doing a music video for this new single? If so, what can fans expect/be excited for?

VD: You’ll see ;)

SR: I noticed you are currently on tour supporting The Midnight- Congratulations! What do you think is different about this tour and your performance compared to shows you have done in the past?

VD: Yes, we are! This is actually our first US tour ever so everything is pretty new to us. We’re having the best time seeing all these beautiful places. We’re playing a bunch of songs we never played before and it’s nice to do it every night to really get a feel for what people like and it’s cool to experiment a little bit for each show. 

SR: I know this is a hard question for any artist to answer but what has personally been your favorite song released or not to perform on stage to a new crowd every night? 

VD: We have a new song that’s unreleased called “Libertines Jacket” and it’s SO much fun to play live! 

SR: If you could have ANYONE dead or alive at your Afterparty who would it be and why?

VD: Wow, that is tricky! Maybe Kurt Cobain and pick his brain about life. 

SR: Finally, what can people expect from Violet Days in 2019? Other than touring, are there any big plans in the works?

VD: Yes, we’re actually working on the next EP and lining it up with some singles coming out soon, very excited for that. 

Interview by Isabella Futcher | Photo by Oolof Ringmar


April 26th - Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
April 27th - Denver, CO @ Ogden Theatre
April 30th - Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf
May 1st - Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren
May 3rd - Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
May 4th - Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater

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