Interview: So-Cal band Dose explains why they call their music "Trap Rock" and more!

Photo by Sam Madnick

Sound Rebel Magazine: First off, thank you for taking the time to chat with us! Would you mind introducing who you are to our audience?

Dose: Of course!!! Thank you!!!! We are Timmy & Jimmy Brown two brothers from Southern California.  Some of our first musical influences were NWA, Notorious BIG, 2 pac and we later developed a taste for punk rock & pop punk.... our eclectic taste in music turned in to TRAP ROCK.

SR: Being brothers and growing up together, did you both always know you wanted to make music together? Or was this something you realized later on in life?

D: We pretty much done everything together our whole lives. 

SR: So, you mentioned you call your genre of music “Trap Rock”. I’ve never heard of that before! What exactly is “Trap Rock” and how did you come up with the name?

D: We started creating the songs before we gave them a Genre, our goal was to pull from what ever genre of song we needed to and make the best most meaningful songs we could..... at the end of it, TRAP ROCK is what it sounded like to us!!!

SR: Who would you say your top musical inspirations are and why?

D: I would say hip hop & punk rock because the things they talked about were things that we were dealing with in our lives growing up. 

SR: Tell us the story behind your latest album On3! 

D: The meaning behind #ON3 is that we are all ONE and if the world focused a little more on our similarities then our differences the world would be a much better place!

SR: You played Vans Warped Tour back in 2010 and several dates on the 2013 tour, as well. How did it feel to play the final cross-country run ever last summer?

D: We are so incredibly grateful that we got to play. Warped as always been a huge inspiration to us, and we’ve learned SO SO MUCH from Kevin Lyman over the years. 

SR:  Any future plans for Dose?

D: ABSOLUTELY! Working on a music video for our song MOJO at the moment and doing our best to back out on the road!!!! 

Interview by Taylor Brielle

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