Interview: Matthew Mingus from Dance Gavin Dance gives us an inside look on Swanfest 2019

Sound Rebel Magazine: Regarding Swanfest, how long has it been in the works and when/who came up with the idea?
Matthew Mingus: Putting on a festival is something we have been wanting to do for a little while now. The reality of it actually happening however came together just over a year ago. We came up with the idea with our manager and most certainly had a huge backing support from the rest of our team such as booking agent and record label.

SR: What made you choose Anaheim as the location for Swanfest?
MM: We felt like this was a great place to test the waters with it being one of our largest markets in the US and being an easy location to attract other bands and tours to be conveniently routed through to play the festival.

SR: Will this be an annual event? 
MM: We are focused on getting through this first one. After, we will asses and go from there.

SR: Would you ever consider a take action or Warped Tour style Swanfest?
MM: I'll be honest I don't see this being a touring festival, however, like I said if all goes well we shall see what the future holds. I do personally think it would be really awesome to have a few of these Swanfest throughout the US, just not an entire tour though.  

SR: What are you looking forward to the most at this festival?
MM: Bringing lots of friends together who all share the same passion for music! 
SR: There are a lot of bands you influence at this festival! Are there any specific bands that influenced you? 
MM: Absolutely. I try to draw influence from all bands that we get to tour with. Veil of Maya and Hail the Sun being two major ones!

SR: What sets are you extremely excited to watch?
MM: Everyone really! Ive never had the chance to watch periphery live so I'm very excited for that!

SR: Should we expect any goodies? Like a Swanfest contemplation CD, activities, or special vendors?
MM: You will just have to come see for yourself!

SR: Do you eventually want to add more Blue Swan bands into the Swanfest line up or do you plan to keep Swanfest and Night of the Blue Swan as two seperate entities? 
MM: I personally cannot speak for Will since the night of blue swan is his labels thing, and Swanfest is DGDs thing. But, I could see them staying separately.
Interview by Deniz Daveport
Photo by Lindsey Byrnes 

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