Review: “Feeling Fades” by The Murder Capital

     While plenty of young bands today revitalize the swirling colors of psychedelic-rock martyr Jim Morrison (a trend which I am all for, by the way), The Murder Capital chooses instead to borrow Morrison’s brazen, wooly, spoken-word style of poetry and ominous sense of urgency on their new single, “Feeling Fades.” Dangerously low, fast-paced rumblings resemble an anxious heartbeat, sweaty palms, and impending doom (“they kept us all together”). In the final minute or so, the tightly-woven package unravels into unknown space, daring the listener to relinquish control and give in to the chaos.

    New to the Dublin alternative rock scene, The Murder Capital is already getting people’s attention since last year’s debut single, “More is Less”. The band signed with Human Season Records in the UK and booked a slew of upcoming tour dates across Europe. I can’t wait to see what’s next for these guys…could an album be in the works? Let’s hope so.

Review by Michelle Kirk 

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